George the Squirrel Looks for God

© 1992 Kurt Hunter

I’d like to tell you a story today about a friend of mine. He’s a squirrel and his name is George. George did the things that most squirrels do. He lived in the woods and he spent most of his time up in the trees chasing other squirrels or eating acorns or other nuts and seeds. Basically, George was a pretty happy squirrel.

Well, one morning George got up and just out of the blue he decided that he was going to go look for God. Well, George didn’t know where to look for God, so he just started walking. And he walked, and he walked. The trees seemed to go on forever, but he couldn’t find God.

After a little while, George came to a lake. He stopped for a moment on a rock by the shore to rest and get a drink of water. As George was catching his breath the rock started to move. George jumped off and found himself face to face with a turtle, who was not a rock at all. George apologized for sitting on the turtle, but the turtle said he didn’t really mind. I’m searching for God, George told the turtle. Oh, my that’s very interesting, said the turtle. I think this is very likely the place where you will find God. Look at this beautiful lake. It’s cool and it’s clear. And look at how the sun hits these big rocks along the shore. It’s the perfect place to warm yourself. Yes, this certainly is where you will find God. You do make it sound quite nice, said George, but I’d much rather drink water that swim in it and with my furry coat, I’m afraid those rocks would just be too hot for me. Well, suit yourself, said the turtle as he slid back into the lake.

Well, George kept walking and walking and pretty soon there weren’t any more trees. It was just dirt and grass as far as he could see. He’d never seen anything like it before.

And all of a sudden, up out of the ground popped a little animal that looked kind of like squirrel, but not quite like a squirrel. George was startled, but he introduced himself to the animal. My name’s George and I’m a squirrel, he said. My name’s Jack and I’m a prairie dog, said the animal. George explained how he was looking for God. Well, you’ve come to the right place said the prairie dog. Just look around you. There are delicious grasses as far as the eye can see. The dirt is just right for burroughing into, so this must be where God is. It’s the best place on earth. And if that wasn’t enough, there are lots of other prairie dogs here to have fun with.

At that moment, George found himself surrounded by prairie dogs. As he turned around to look at them all, he realized he couldn’t tell which one was Jack anymore. Well, I’m sure that’s very nice, said George, to no one in particular, but I don’t dig in the ground and I’d much rather eat acorns than grass. It was very nice to meet you said George, but I had better be on my way and George headed off toward the trees.

Well, George continued to walk and walk and he was getting pretty tired, when he started to see things that looked familiar. He saw trees he thought he had seen before and he smelled things he thought he’d smelled before. Pretty soon he was sure of it. He must have walked in a big circle, because he was back to the part of the woods where he lived.

The trees were tall and full and beautiful and there were acorns on the ground and on the trees and there were squirrels chasing each other in the trees. Suddenly, George realized that God had been with him all along. God was there at the lake, just like the turtle had said, and God was there in the meadow, just like the prairie dog said, but George was especially glad that God was with him in the woods, because this was the special place that God had planned for him.