Puppetry Support

Kurt has supported many puppeteers, theatres and puppet enthusiasts as a designer, builder, performer and director providing a variety of services such as:

  • Marionette untangling, restringing and repairing of toy, collectible and professional puppets

  • Puppet design (especially marionette design, control and stringing)

  • Puppet stage design

  • Puppet performance for video

  • Marionette training and mentoring

  • Direction for puppetry performance

Past Projects

This Toy Story 4 commercial for Target isn’t computer graphics.  The characters are all marionettes that Kurt operated.  Kurt modified actual toys sold at Target to create the marionettes.
For Z Puppets Rosenschnoz, Kurt was director and assisted with puppet design and construction for their Jim Henson Foundation awarded production of Cellula, the story of cell division told  through dazzling blacklight puppetry and mesmerizing acapella music.
A Prelude to Faust - Photo by Bruce Silcox
For Open Eye Figure Theatre, Kurt assisted artistic director Michael Sommers with mechanical design, construction, controls and stringing for multiple incarnations of the everyman character for A Prelude to Faust and the main character marionettes for Sorcerer’s Apprentice.
Sorcerer's Apprentice - Photo by Paul Eide
The Critter Scene from the Macy's Moose Crossing
For the downtown Minneapolis Macy’s holiday puppet show, Moose Crossing, Kurt designed the marionettes, based on Steve Mark’s character designs, led the construction team, strung the marionettes and directed the marionette sequences.
The Loneliest Person in the Universe - Photo by Bruce Silcox
Seth Eberle’s original production The Loneliest Person in the Universe grew out of a marionettes mentorship with Kurt.  During the mentorship, Kurt took on the role of director, a role that he resumed when Seth remounted the production.