The Good Spatula

© 1997 Kurt Hunter

One day, a cheese grater was journeying from the kitchen to the garage.  Maybe he was going on a picnic or something.  I don’t really know.  Anyway, it was a nice day and he was enjoying the walk.  But suddenly he met up with a band of renegade hammers.  He was very scared.  They ganged up on him and beat him.  They took his money and they left him for dead.

Well, the cheese grater lay there all dented and bent, when a ladle came walking by.  Now, in the kitchen utensil society you can’t get much more important than a ladle.  In fact, all of the serving utensils were thought of quite highly.  Well, the ladle saw the poor cheese grater laying there, but he just looked away from the cheese grater as he passed and went on his way.

A little while later, a slotted serving spoon came by.  Like the ladle, the slotted spoon was also highly thought of by the other kitchen utensils.  When the slotted spoon saw the poor beat up cheese grater laying there, he quickly looked all around him.   When he saw that there was no one around to see him, he also looked away and quickly passed by the grater.

The poor cheese grater was beginning to think that no one would stop to help him, when he saw a spatula approaching.  Now, this was not a kitchen spatula.  This was an outdoor grill spatula.  All the kitchen utensils shunned and hated the grilling utensils, so the grater knew this spatula would not stop to help him.

Much to his surprise, though, the spatula did stop.  He helped him up and helped him all the way to a repair shop.  The spatula even paid to have the cheese grater fixed … and he was fixed, fixed up and shined up as good as new.

Now, who was a friend to the cheese grater?

The Spatula!!!

Go and do likewise.